Registered User. Feb 22, 2015. #1. An AdBlue system fault appeared in the DIS on my 3 month old A6. I called my Audi Centre who sent out Audi Assist. Their diagnostic suggested "inefficient adblue system". The car has only done 1850 miles and has now been taken to an Audi Centre. They have changed the AdBlue sensor, with no success. chss barc .... "/>
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Apr 12, 2022 · It is important to note that AdBlue warnings on the dash can be triggered by 2 means: Low AdBlue fluid level; Fault within AdBlue system; Armed with this information, we first verified the level of Adblue which was found to be correct. The quality of AdBlue was then tested. AdBlue consists of 2 components: Distilled water and urea..

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#6 We got the same AdBlue warning "your car won't restart in 200 miles." This is NOT an AdBlue warning. The true AdBlue warning should come much earlier, about 1500 miles. The warning in our car was a bad NOx sensor, replaced under warranty. N nord Veteran Member Joined Mar 5, 2010 Location Southern Tier NY TDI All turned back to VW. Fault Status: 00000001 Fault Priority: 2 Fault Frequency: 7 Mileage: 126113 km Date: 2016.09.22 Time: 20:30:31 Engine speed: 2465.00 /min ... They had previously reprogrammed the adblue system and that didn't seem to help. They had it for over a week and ended up changing the rear nox sensor and the nox catalyst. I have not had it on a road. In cazul in care sistemul AdBlue este pe cale sa se defecteze la Audi A7, automobilul ne va transmite anumite mesaje pe care daca le urmarim cu atentie ne va fi mult mai usor sa. First I was read some posts and after this I was read fault codes and filled my tank with additional 10 liter adblue. Fault code was: 28653- Reductant System Performance Bank 1 P204F 00 - Malfunction After this I was clear fault codes, and in this moment I don't have any fault code in all modules in car. Here is last scan: Code:.

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