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Then we need some strong winds to force the turnover. Monona typically rolls over before Mendota though, since it's a smaller lake and about 12' deeper at its deepest point. Doing a comparison is just a rough guide. The UW doesn't monitor Monona like it does Mendota (real time statistics in a 70' basin).. Mono Lake; Hot Springs; Towns. Crowley Lake; Mammoth Lakes; June Lake; Lee Vining; Benton; Chalfant; Bridgeport; Walker; Coleville; Topaz; Lakes, Rivers & Creeks. Fishing Reports and Discussions for Lake Monona, Dane County - Wisconsin.

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Lake Monona rests at 43°4′9″N 89°21′34″W. It measures 3,274 acres (13.2 km²), has a mean depth of 27 ft (8.3 m) and a maximum depth of 74 ft (22.6 m). Its volume is approximately 28 billion US gallons (110,000,000 m³) and it has 13 miles (21 km) of shoreline, about 40% of which is publicly owned.

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